Thursday, September 14, 2006

Marty (1955)

Marty is a refreshingly real movie about a middle aged bachelor-butcher, Ernest Borgnine, who has gone through life being mistreated by indifferent women. He lives with a mother who has married off the rest of her offspring and harasses the low self-esteemed Marty about his single status. "Marty" follows the bachelor life of this butcher as he tries to make everyone else around him happy until he meets a "dog" of a woman that is his female equivalent."Marty" reminded me of the current wave of independent films that follow realistic characters around in there depressing lives. Except, this film is truer to life in that it has real ups and downs. Life isn't really as those independent films portray with no hope and full of malignant people and depressing circumstances. Many people lead happy lives with hardships and trials similar to Marty; there is hope and happiness out there amidst the hard times.