Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Legion is an apocalyptic horror/action movie that centers around the birth of a child and the legions of angels sent by God trying to kill it.  The movie begins with the archangel, Michael, leaving God's army and traveling to protect the unborn child at a diner/ gas station in the desert.

This movie has decent special effects, casting, and cinematography, but lacks substance.  The focus seems to have been on visual stimulation and not a well detailed plot.  All of the bits and pieces are there, but the story was not developed enough to give this movie real substance.  It is a wax apple compared to a real apple, it looks good and nice to eat, but it doesn't have a real matter to it.

I wouldn't waste my time watching this movie; you'll end up not hating it, but not caring about it either.  Oh, the movie was really predictable too.  I don’t like watching movies when I think I could have written it better.