Thursday, January 04, 2007

Eragon- Theatrically Crap-tastic

As you all know, I am an avid reader. I particularly enjoy Science Fiction and Fantasy books, although I take my dragons and unicorns in moderation. I did read "Eragon" a fictional Fantasy book by 15 year old Christopher Paolini. Enjoyed the book immensely and would recommend this work to any interested in that sort of thing.
The movie fell way below my expectations. I left the theatre and ranted at Nathan or a half an hour because of the swill I had just seen. With actors of such caliber as John Malchovich and Jeremy Irons I expected performances and character interaction that would do the book credit. I was disappointed as I watched relationships that showed no warmth, understanding, or meaning. The great care taken in the book to make each character real and pop from the pages was missing from the movie. Whole scenes were drastically changed detrimentally and three-quarters of the book (vital portions that furthered understanding and significance) where left out completely. Imagine viewing the "Star Wars" pre-logy without the "Luke, I am your Father" scene and you will begin to understand my thoughts about this movie. I recommend that you don't see this movie for entertainment or any purpose and all copies should probably be taken out onto the street and shot like dogs.