Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Plethura of Movie Reviews

Year One

Jack Black and Michael Cera are somehow prehistoric men that get kicked out of their tribe and are forced to make there way into the world.  Time moves quickly in this story as they meet Cain and Abel and end up in Sodom.
I found this movie to be mildly amusing.  Do not expect the plot to blow you away with it's intelligence; it's more of a plot that lets the jokes lead the story along.  Think the Bible meet Jack Black.

District 9

Aliens are forced to live in a ghetto in South Africa, but are about to be moved to even more cramped conditions by a government agency.
This movie was nothing like I expected.  It was a sci-fi documentary style with plenty of action.  It really treated the aliens like thinking beings and kept me wanting more movie when it was done.  I thought it was a great ensemble of action, sci-fi, and drama that we don't normally see in alien movies.

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

A group of traveling car salesman are hired by a car dealership to turn the business around.  The group is led by Don Ready (Jeremy Piven) as he deals with his crazy lifestyle and past.
A friend of mine called this movie the worst movie he has ever laughed at.  Most of the characters say crazy things that make no sense to the plot, but they are so funny that you don't care.  It has been a long time since I have seen a plot this bad and ridiculous, but I have to recommend that you see this late at night with a couple of beer, just so you can laugh your butt off.

Julie and Julia

The movie follows two women:
Julie isn't happy with her career and she starts to blog about cooking every recipe from Julia Child's cookbook.
Julia Child is in Paris with her husband, bored, and decides to learn how to cook french food at Le Cordon Bleu.
A cute movie that does an excellent job with the Julia Child sequences.  I think it would have been a better movie to limit the Julie sequences, however.  Meryl Streep is completely convincing as Julia Child, but I found Amy Adams to be a little boring as Julie.